Pear Salsa


That’s right, a Pear Salsa!

Pears in the crisp stage make for a one of a kind crunch.  This is the original fruit salsa that got it all started. Keep a look out for this one when we add it to the lineup for our seasonal Oregon salsa this summer.  You won’t want to miss this favorite of my friends and family.

Favorite ways to eat this salsa.  Originally the recipe was sent to me from my mother-in-law.  Our Riri.  It was served at one Thanksgiving with our Turkey.  Heck then with a pork roast.  Then summer came and it became the hit of the party.  A great alternative to the tomato salsa’s from the store.


Pears, onions, cilantro, red jalapeno peppers, habanero peppers, rice vinegar, sugar, salt, citric acid, calcium chloride